About Progressive Debt Relief

     For over a decade, The Progressive Difference has been centered around the clients we represent. Most companies in this industry are sales oriented and profit centered. Their primary concern is the bottom line of profit. 

We have a strong belief that if we build a structure that creates a positive end result for our client, we will be better off in the long run. Most companies denote success by the volume of business they bring in, and invest as little as possible in customer service. Our commitment to the clients we represent begins from the moment we are contacted for help until the last debt is resolved. 

Our counselors are trained to objectively evaluate your case, while arming our potential clients with the pros and cons of their choices. Each choice comes with trade-offs and different fee structures. You need to pick the one that is right for you. In some cases you may decide to handle your debt load by yourself, and we will help you get started. 

The flow of our customer service department centers around a responsive and helpful customer response team, quick and constant communication with your creditors, and a professional and efficient negotiating department. 

"Commitment to the client" maybe a cliched phrase, but the application of this principal is entrenched into the foundation of our company and can be observed in the day to day operations of our business. 


You Have Options.