The Progressive Difference


Progressive Debt Relief are pioneers in resolving payday loans but, we are much more. With the ability and experience to settle other forms of unsecured debt, PDR's purpose is to improve your quality of life by offering sound financial solutions to fit your individual needs. Through counseling, budget recognition and monetary awareness, Progressive Debt Relief is determined to ensure the client has all the tools necessary to avoid any financial distress in the future.The end result establishes a debt free life with peace of mind and a calming confidence that comes with progress. 


We have established relationships with all the major payday loan companies and other known creditors. PDR has the power to get you the best settlement possible. We will do our best to negotiate with your creditors, however, not all creditors may agree to settle and results will vary based on many factors. We are also committed to educating you of the positive and negative aspects of the options we present. All potential consolidation services have their pros and cons. We believe it is important you are aware of both, in order to make an informed decision. 

Regain Control of your Finances.